Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Your guess is as good as mine

I'm tempted to give this entry a half-bingo for a "Sheryl", but I'm going to refrain (my rules, remember?)  Plus I'm going to deduct negative three (-3) for handwriting style.  While feminine and loopy, it lacks a certain readability necessary for the course of this experiment.  While the S, H, Y and L are clear, the series of humps and bumps between the H and Y are questionable.  It could read SHUYL or SHUNYL or SHIRYL???  What do you think?

I really don't have any right to criticize anyone's handwriting, as my has deteriorated so badly over the years with all the FLH (that's Fast Long Hand for the novices out there) I've taken   Other than the C, it might be difficult for anyone who didn't know me to decipher what I've written -- but then again, I don't work at Starbucks.

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