Sunday, August 22, 2010

GUEST POST: The Evolution of Rion

If I learned anything in the short history of this blog, it's that my name isn't the only one that gets mangled, mauled and misspelled on a regular basis.  Here's the second submission from my good friend Rion.

The Evolution: RION--BRION- BRIAN??

I have a Left Field Award, but maybe I should also have a Right Field Award?  Or the "quit listening to your iPod at 11 and pay attention" award?  Although this submission isn't correct, I find the "A" intriguing.  It kinda looks like a backwards 6.  I also appreciate the slash/dotted I, which resembles Chinese calligraphy.  I'm feeling generous today (because I have two fantastic misspellings of my name coming up), so I'll give a half point each for the two fancy letters for a total of plus one (+1) style points.

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