Friday, August 20, 2010

Something you haven't seen yet --

Nearly three weeks of blogging here and this is the first time my name has been spelled 100% correctly.  Granted, I'm not at Starbucks or any other major chain, but I'm sticking to the rules of the quest.  Below you'll see my order slip for a delicious black bean burger and fries.  Not only is it spelled correctly, there's some nice penmanship going on; so I'm giving plus five (+5) style points for being readable and elegant (a true rarity, as my dear readers know).

Here I am with the lovely Priscilla, who works at the company commissary.  Before this encounter, we didn't know each other, so it wasn't as if I beat her over the head with a stick and made her memorize my name.  Of course, this rare Bingo happened on a day when I wasn't wearing any makeup and basically rolled out of bed, so please excuse my pale ginger-ness.

Cheryl (L) with Priscilla, the spelling bee champion!

Priscilla, you're the first BINGO AWARD winner on "The Name Is Cheryl" blog.  I'm sure your family and friends will be so proud...and happy Friday to everyone!

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