Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm surprised I hadn't gotten this variation of my name until now. If casual acquaintances or friends are going to misspell my name, they most often reverse the Y and the L (CHERLY) -- and for some reason this is the misspelling which irks me the most. SHERLY would be pronounced something akin to "Shirley." So even though the cashier spelled it incorrectly, I have to give props to the server who brought me my take-out. She yelled out "Sher-Lee," which is how it would be pronounced with this spelling. LY is a "lee" sound - like in unexpectedly, stupidly, lamely -- or a slew of other adverbs.  Customer service type people used to ask me if my name was "with a C or an S?"  Then they generally got the rest of it correct -- except for the occasional reversal of the last two letters.  

I thought for sure I would be getting a duplicate. Take special note. Notice the host's name. Luis took my order a couple of weeks ago and dubbed me SHARO.  I'm rewarding Luis plus two (+2) style points for a general improvement in spelling.

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