Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home brew and personalized items

After a couple of days of venti lattes and Americanos, I'm taking a break from Starbucks and making some coffee at home. I know it's completely old school, but Chock full o' Nuts is one of my favorite brands -- and for the price of two takeaway coffees, I can buy the giant canister.  We're talking pennies per cup!  Plus it's a lazy Saturday and I have no plans of getting out of my pajamas anytime soon.

Here's one of my favorite mugs, which my mother gave to me at least 15 or 20 years ago. Mom told me she named my brother David and I relatively common names so we would be able to get personalized souvenirs on vacation.  She said as a child she was always disappointed there were no keychains, pencils or coffee mugs with the name Norma on them.  I rarely see my name on such items anymore, but luckily I'm all good in the keychain department.  Stay tuned for the first guest entry on this blog later today.  

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