Sunday, October 2, 2011

SHERUL (and No. 26)

Sorry it's been such a long time since the last update. No excuses, but a couple of explanations. I haven't been drinking Starbucks' coffee this summer. There's a great new independent coffee shop just around the corner from my apartment, so I've been supporting local commerce, plus I sold my screenplay "Within the Darkness" back in June, finished a new one, and am nearly done with a third. It's been a very productive summer.

So here we are in fall -- one of my favorite times of year, especially here in Los Angeles, where it's more like summer than summer. I've spent the past couple of days going to horror-related screening and events for the Shriekfest Film Festival (shameless plug: my script, "Evil's Toy" was a semi-finalist in the fest). However, lest I get too uppity, leave it to a studio security guard to put me back in my place with the 26th different spelling of my name.

Check out the Facebook page for "Within the Darkness" to see the first teaser trailer: -- and "like" if you're the sort who does that sort of thing.

Until next time, I remain --