Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CHERYLLE - shoulda stopped while they were ahead

I walked into Starbucks on Saturday late afternoon/early evening, which is not my usual time for a coffee break, but if I was going to make it through a two-hour movie screening, I needed some liquid energy.  It was 90+ degrees in Los Angeles, so I switched over to a venti iced Americano. Since it was pretty slow at the corner Starbucks, I wasn't sure if the cashier was going to ask my name.  He was a quite a bit older than the typical hipster cashier (i.e., my age, give or take a couple of years).  I figured if anyone was going to get it right, it would be him.

As you can see, he started off on the right footing.  I was worried that I was going to have to try to make another BINGO sound interesting, but then I saw his wrist make two distinct downwards strokes.   Such anticipation!  When the barista handed me my tasty beverage, I was pleasantly surprised to find CHERYLLE written on the side.  This is a totally new spelling in my life-long experience of misspellings, so I'm going to give plus three (+3) style points for that factor alone, as well as for the fact that my correctly spelled name is contained within the misspelled mess.  

Interestingly, I used to always hope cashiers would spell my name correctly and would carefully spell it out for them, only to have them still mangle it.  Now, I'm visualizing unique and creative discombobulations.  (Take note:  other than than half-bingos for SHERYL, we haven't had a repeat on the misspellings yet.)


  1. Looks more like Chevelle to me. Do you sport classic lines with an easy to drop top?


  2. Victor, wait...were you at that toga party at I.U. where I earned my nickname of Flash?