Friday, August 13, 2010

CHEREL (with the 2nd E as an afterthought)

I stopped by a Starbucks which isn't on my usual route.  You might even call this an elite, fancy schmancy Starbucks -- smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills 90210.  But no matter the zipcode, there's still an issue with spelling my name.  I gave the cashier my handle and she scribbled away.  She placed the cup in line with all the other ducks awaiting tasty beverage preparation, then she picked it back up and scribbled something else.  Quel intrigue!
My guess is that her initial spelling was Cherl, which is something I see quite often (and hope to document on this blog soon), but I suppose that second syllable sound just nagged at her and she went back and added another E between the R and L to make it CHEREL.

I'm going to give one style point (+1) for the R that sorta looks like a V -- just because that would make my name Chevel and that's pretty darn close to Chevelle, one of my favorite 60's muscle cars.

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