Monday, August 23, 2010

SHERAL rhymes with feral

You probably can't tell from the photo below, but this is some of the tiniest writing I've seen on the side of a Starbucks cup.  The cashier was really concentrating as he wrote my name and his poor little fist was balled up so tight around the blue Sharpie.  Happily for this blog, his hipster self didn't quite pull it off.   However, he did get a few things correct:  two syllables (check), H-E-R in their rightful order and place (check) and the L at the end (yep) -- and at least a passable phonetical spelling, unlike Churl from my Saturday post. Forget the S -- that errant A changes the name so much.

I identify as being a bit of a rebel, but I've never considered myself feral in any real way. In fact, you'd probably find me rather civilized.  Hence, I always hated when we played the Name Game in grade school.  "Cheryl Sheryl, bo-beryl, banana-fana, fo-feral, fee-fi-mo-meryl, Cheryl!"  It had nothing to do with being feral, but rather being compared to a barrel (Beryl), which wasn't much fun for an insecure, tall girl.


  1. You already have 25 posts?! And with no end in sight, it seems!

  2. I've got a couple banked, but I'm going to need some help or else I'll go bankrupt! Is there federal grant money for this type of research?