Thursday, August 12, 2010

GUEST POST: It doesn't sound or look ANYTHING like that!

My friend Fiona jumped on my mistaken identity blog almost immediately.  However, she says the cashier's at her local Starbucks are on it, and although she has a moniker that could be a potential landmine,  (Feeohna, Feeona, Feaonah) they are well-trained in how to spell her name.  But lucky for me, it seems that courtesy doesn't extend to anyone else.  Fiona and her friend took a little java break together today.  You can see they got Fiona correct (abet with a very funky looking A), but when her friend picked up her skim venti latte, they were waaaaay off.  From the spellling LOREE, I would have guessed her bud was named LORI, but nooooo.....

LOREE???  Wha???
Her friend is named FLORICA!  I sympathize with the fact that Florica is a very unique name, but they're missing at least one syllable and the FL sound at the beginning!

This spelling prompts a new official award for this blog.  I'm going to call it the LEFT FIELD award, as in you're way out in left field.  In case you don't get the photographic reference below, it's Ted Williams, legendary left-fielder and Red Sox Baseball Hall of Famer.

LOREE -- first recipient of the LEFT FIELD award!
This also reminds me of an incident the other day at the 'bucks.  While I waited for my tasty beverage, the barista kept on shouting "Den!  Den!" -- but no one materialized to pick up their drink.   Every 30 seconds or so, they would again bellow "Den!  Den!"  Finally when they called my name, I saw what was CLEARLY written on the side of the cup:  DEAN, as in James Dean, Dean Cain, Howard Dean or Dean Martin.  Hope poor Dean's beverage wasn't too cold when he finally picked it up.


  1. Florica here - my other "starbucks handles" have been "Fiorie" "Veronica" "Monika" "Slorika" "Laurie" "Kamika" and "Cory" (when i agreed with the lady that my name was Lori). They don't get hired because they're attentive or quick, but only because they're awake at 6am and can press a button. Thanks for the award; It made my day. :)

  2. Florica, thanks for stopping by -- and also for inspiring the LEFT FIELD award! Please do send any other "coffee names" you stumble upon to me at

    Say hi to the wonderful Feeohna for me!