Thursday, November 25, 2010

And have some 'punkin' pie!

This was in my email this morning from my friend David in New York City. No explanation as to where/who/why, but do we really need one?


I was so impressed they got "we're" correct, it took me a second to see the misspelling.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know I've been remiss in updating this blog, but it's not without good reason. I've been very inspired in my larger writing and re-writing projects. Also, my script "Within the Darkness" was recently named a Finalist in the annual Horror Screenplay Contest sponsored by Cherub Films, so I've been trying to send my twisted little baby out into the world to gather more accolades and attention.

However, today's coffee mangling was just too good not to share immediately. As you can see, Starbucks has switched over to their holiday-themed hot cups. It was a chilly 39F (3C, for my international readers) in Los Angeles overnight, so I was looking forward to a hot steamy beverage with my morning commute. When I gave the cashier my name, I could tell she was confused and waiting for me to spell it for her, but, of course, I didn't let her off the hook. I could tell by the swoop of her hand that she boldly went for the "Sherl" -- but then was at a loss for the second soft syllable. Her little hand got all tight and she brought her face closer to the cup and scribbled a few more characters. Seemingly satisfied, she passed the cup onto the barista and took my money.

The barista was equally confused. When he was done with my order, he yelled "Sheri!" (Or Sherry).  When I picked up my cup, my initial reaction was "Sherlle" -- but on closer inspection, she appears to have scribbled the final two letters out. But if you look even closer, you can see she was making a political statement for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Maybe I'm warped in the brain, but to me this strange little Rorschach Test looks like a Native American caricature. He's in 3/4 view, looking to the right with a cartoon grin on one side of his face and a couple of feathers sticking up proudly on his head. Yes, and before you say it, I have been in therapy.

I promise to be more diligent in my updates here. Several friends have sent me submissions and I have a backlog of my own misspellings too (no correct spellings of my name yet, by the way).