Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Starbucks:  One of the worst offenders out there as far as misspelling names.  A couple of years ago I got so sick of it, that I decided to switch coffee names and give them an alias.  My middle name is Ellette, which I wouldn't expect anyone to know how to spell or even pronounce unless they had taken a couple of years of high school French.  I decided to tell the barista my name was "Elle".  After all, this was the era of Legally Blonde and Reese Witherspoon.  Surely everyone knew how to spell the heroine's name?  Nope.  When I picked up my venti soy latte, there was just one thing written on the cup:  a single letter L.  So much for trying to make it easy.

Anyway, adding to the Starbucks Dumbass Hall of Fame, here is today's entry on The Name is Cheryl.  I give them +2 style points for combining musical luminaries "Charo" (as in Cuchie cuchie) with "Carole" (as in King).  Or is it Char-Olé!?  Or Sha-ROHL-ay?

As a side note, after the barista made my drink, he was puzzled/undecided on how to pronounce my newly mangled name, so he just called out, "venti soy latte!"

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