Thursday, December 9, 2010


If I'm counting correctly, this is the 23rd different variation on my name and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. I recently read somewhere that parents are putting a premium on unique names, rather than traditional or family names. Maybe this Starbucks cashier was just trying to help me out in that department? I'll give her plus two (+2) style points: one for the very girlie and loopy handwriting and another for the smiley face. I wonder if she drew the smiley because she knew she spelled my name incorrectly and just wanted to soften the blow, or if that's her signature trademark as a Starbucks cashier?


With its very faint accent mark on the E, this spelling reminded me of CHAROLE -- the very first post on this blog. Who knew that four months later I'd still have fodder? (Please check out some of the old posts if you haven't already done so.) Some of you have commented that the various clerks have to be doing this on purpose. I would believe that conspiracy theory also, except that my purchases are spread out between at least a half dozen different locations and a few different eating/drinking establishments across the Los Angeles area. It's been the story of my life since Day One. I used to get mad, but now I like it because 1) I have a new blog post; 2) It brings a little humor in my life; and 3) It just proves that in the battle of evolution, my gene pool has won.

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  1. Are we sure that's an accent over the "e"? I'm thinking it could be a little cartoon sweat drop from the happy face.

    I'm sorry... I'd write more... but I'm laughing way too hard....