Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SHERILL - Part 2

Otherwise known as "Sherill: When Misspellings Attack" or "The Revenge of the Misspelling." Sherill is a repeat from an August blog post, but seems to be one of the favorite variations, along with Sherell. Yes, phonetically I get it, but logically, I'm just having a difficult time. What started as a funny little experiment to amuse myself is turning into a depressing commentary on the American educational system.

But rather than wonder where the country went wrong, let me dissect this entry even more. First, not sure if you can get the scale from this photo, but this is some of the tiniest writing I've seen in a long time. I'm going to deduct negative one (-1) style points for the "S" that looks like an number eight, and that "R" is dangerously close to being a "V". I've noticed at this Starbucks location, the regular barista doesn't announce names when beverages are ready, he just yells out the drink size/type. He must be as equally baffled as I am.

Maybe I'll pronounce this CHEV-VEAL with a French flair? (Though that would require an E on the end, it's almost as logical as this spelling.)

Until they misspell again -- and you know they will very soon!

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